Xia Qi Chang

Xia Qi Chang Professor,Prof. Qi-Chang Xia, Vice president of Chinese HUPO, Council member of International HUPO, Editor of J Proteome Research. Prof Xia graduated from FudanUniversity in 1962 and finished his postdoctoral research from 1981 to 1983 in Roche Molecular Biology Institute, USA. Then, he carried his research work for a short-term in UMDNJ and ABI in 1989 and 1990 respectively.During his early research work, Prof. Xia worked on the studies of the structure and function of enzyme and aldolase indicated that the substrate can protect the aldolase against the tryptic digestion. Then he carried the research on chemical modification and configuration. In the research of cholera toxin carried in USA, he affirmed that cholera toxin is a kind of protein which possessed the activity of ADP ribosylase. Also the sequence of active sub-unit and the binding site of substrate were identified.In later 1980’s, Prof. Xia engaged in the application of HPLC for protein and enzyme. Recently, he focuses on protein microanalysis and downstream disposal and quantity control of recombinant protein. Simultaneously, Prof. Xia participated in the research of space life sciences. Till now, more than 100 papers have been published in domestic and overseas.