RESEARCH CENTER FOR PROTEOME ANALYSIS(RCPA) was born in Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences,Chinese Academy of Sciences,in the first year of the new century. 

In the postgenomic era, nobody will neglect proteomic research, which concern all proteins expressed in a cell or tissue. The mission of RCPA is to conduct research on proteomes of different cells, tissues and microorganisms, which are related to human health and diseases,and to develop new techniques on proteomic analysis. The RCPA has been equipped with the state-of-the-art instruments. The RCPA consists of four labs: 2D-PAGE lab, MS lab,Protein Analysis lab and Proteome Bioinformatics lab. The RCPA disseminates the research information through its Integrated Proteomics Exploring Database.

Research Platform:  
  • 2D-PAGE and Sample preparation platform

  • Mass spectrometry platform

  • Protein analysis platform(non-gel separation and purification,Edman Sequencings)

  • Proteomic bioinformatics platform

Research Direction:

  • Proteomics Research related to Human disease

  • Proteomic Bioinformatics

  • New Proteomics Research Method and Technology

Protein and peptide drug development Service Item:

  • N,C-terminal Amino Acid Sequencing

  • Molecular weight determination by MS

  • Protein Identification by MS

  • 2-D Gel Analysis

  • protein purification

  • routine service